Are you looking for a flexible way to join in & give something back to Scouting that fits around you and your busy lifestyle?

Why not join 20th Scout Active Support Unit?

20th Scout Active Support Unit {20th SASU} is a great way for adults of all ages to volunteer on a flexible basis to help the 20th Sheffield Scout Group deliver a fantastic experience for our young members.

A SASU is a group of likeminded adults who offer support to Scouting in some way – this could be practical, skill based and involving both long and short term projects.

Being a member of the 20th SASU provides the best of both worlds – fitting around your commitments, and helping to utilise your talents and volunteering with friends. We understand that not everyone can contribute to Scouting on a regular weekly basis as a Leader, but the SASU provides a way of still being able to make a valuable contribution to Scouting without the significant commitment of leadership.

The aim of the 20th SASU is to provide a support framework for 20th Sheffield Scout Group, in a Movement that continues to develop and grow, providing activities and opportunities for our Groups Young Members. Joining the 20th SASU doesn’t mean being involved with every project and being an expert at everything. What it means is contributing your life experience and the biggest gift – a little bit of time to share what you know.

Membership is free, no prior experience in Scouting or Guiding is required, just a willingness to donate some time to support 20th Sheffield Scouting and you don’t have to wear a uniform (unless you want to!).

In 2017 20th Scout Active Support Unit Members will be involved in :-

  • Stage-management, set building & costume creation for the Gang Show.
  • Construction of a new Kit Store.
  • Logistical support to Group Camps and events
  • Supporting the annual Bonfire in November – a key fundraiser for the Group.
  • Delivery of a Group Gala Dinner in December 2017 {tbc} – major fundraiser for the Group.
  • Adhoc help to youth sections on a needs basis as requested by Section Leaders.
  • General Repairs and Maintenance.
  • Whatever else the Group needs to deliver the best possible experience for the members of the UK’s 10th largest Scout Group!

If you would like to become involved and have some fun along the way, then please contact:-

Neil Benson

20th Scout Active Support Group Coordinator