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Beaver’s Personal Challenges

Beaver_PCWith St George’s Day on Saturday the focus of this week’s Beaver Colony meeting was around facing adversity, linked with the Beaver’s Personal Challenge badge.

Each Beaver was asked, with their parents, to decide upon a challenging activity they can complete over the next 4-6 weeks. The activity should relate to growing up and take a good degree of effort and time to complete.

This is a great opportunity for scouting to give the Beavers a boost in something he/she may need that extra impetus on.

The challenges the children are doing include learning to tie shoelaces, learning to ride a bike without stabilisers and learning several scales on the violin to name a few.

We’re looking forward to tracking these over the next few weeks and seeing how the Beaver’s get on!

Shelterbox Thanks


We’ve received a certificate and letter from Shelterbox regarding the fundraising we did earlier in the year. It’ll be pinned up at the Scout Hall later today 🙂

Alpaca Farm Visit


We had a fantastic evening at Mayfield Valley Alpaca Farm last week. While the boys were able to feed many of the animals and hold a skunk the highlight of the evening was the extremely large pig going to the toilet in front of the boys…typical!

Beavers Nepal Fundraising – Wow!


What a fantastic night and what a fantastic effort. We made impromptu stretchers, rescued the casualties (though at least one suffered severe neck injuries during the evacuation!) and evacuated them to safety in an arduous trek through Burbage valley.

In addition, the boys have raised an amazing £343.90 + Gift Aid for Shelterbox and their work helping the people in Nepal. You can see the work Shelterbox are doing on their news page here.

The JustGiving site is still open for anyone still wanting to donate.

Don’t forget the group is also holding a car wash on Saturday 13th (details on the previous post), head down to help or get your car washed 🙂


Urgent – Missing People Reported!


Beavers – An earthquake has been reported just outside of Sheffield and we have reports of two missing “people”. We will head out tomorrow on a search and rescue operation to find them and transport them to safety. Here is a picture of the missing “people” as sent into us by their family:

Remember, suitable outdoor clothes and neckers needed!


Assistant Beaver Scout Leader

Beaver Scout Nepal Fundraising


We’re sure that you’re aware of the earthquakes and resultant humanitarian disaster from the images and reports in the media. Hundreds of thousands of people are now homeless with entire villages destroyed and a risk of further fatalities is high with shelter, food and clean water key priorities.

Our Beaver Scouts are taking part in a fundraising activity on Thursday May 21st to raise funds for Shelterbox.

Shelterbox provides emergency shelter and vital supplies to support communities around the world overwhelmed by disaster and humanitarian crisis.

So far, more than 2,600 shelter kits and almost 500 UN specification tents have been distributed by Shelterbox to families in a variety of areas including the capital of Kathmandu, and the districts of Dhading and Sindhupalchok. Each tent will provide vital shelter for a family whose home has been destroyed, while shelter kits contain the vital items to enable families to create temporary shelters and start repairing their damaged homes.

Our Beaver Scouts have sponsor forms and a JustGiving site has been created for anyone wishing to donate to this worthy cause.



Assistant Beaver Scout Leader

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