Thursday Beavers Programme

14/01/2021Virtual Meeting - Escape roomOnline Session: Teamworking to solve our online escape room. Home activity: Go on a walk with you family and send us some pictures.
21/01/2021Virtual Meeting - Teddy PioneeringOnline session: We are going to use wooden sticks and rubber bands (provided) to build a structure for your teddy - this could be a stretcher or a chair, it's up to you. You may need: PVA glue (optional) Home activity: Details to follow
28/01/2021Virtual Meeting - Gardeners BadgeOnline session: We are going to learn about the tools needed for gardening plant some seeds You will need: Seeds and pots (provided), soil and some water. Home activity: Design your dream garden and look after your new plants. Write down 5 facts about your favourite endangered animal to share next week.
04/02/2021Virtual Meeting - Global Issues BadgeOnline session: We will learn about energy, recycling and fair trade. Then we will make a mask of your chosen endangered animal. You will need: Paper plate and elastic (provided) and pens/pencils/crayons Home activity: Make a simple water filter system and send us a picture. Write down 5 facts about your favourite space mission to share with everyone next week.
11/02/2021Virtual Meeting - Space badgeOnline session: We will share our mission facts, learn about constellations and the solar system. Then we will use modelling clay to make models of the planets. Home activity: Details to follow
18/02/2021Half Term - No meeting


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