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The information in these pages comes initially from the annual reports of the Scout Group and has been researched by Jim Buckley and Andrew Watson. Later information is being supplied by you, the readers of the website. Please do get in touch with your memories, corrections and pictures.

If you are a past member, please get in touch

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REUNION DINNER :  Over 120 people came to the Dinner at the Cutler’s Hall Sheffield on Saturday 26th November 2011, to celebrate our centenary.



Hi Andrew
I recently visited your excellent Group Website to research the history of the pre 1967 Rover Sout Section ( I am a Scout Historian.)
I did though find it hard to find ay contact addresses- yours is the only one!
The badge on the left is a very rare Ecclesall Rover Crew badge.
Received from Mal Anderson  June 2012
Dear 20th
In your ‘Group History’ section, you ask for more info about the 1950’s summer camps.
I was just 11 and a few days when I went up from Cubs to Scouts, and almost straight away went to camp near Lyme Regis, that was August 1956. Scoutmasters of various ranks were ‘Tanky’, Jeff Kenyon and Jim Buckley (who lived very near me on Bents Road, at the time)
My father could not / would not buy me a bike, even though I worked at Corkers Nursery, he just took the money I earned, But Jim found me an old bike, and Jeff found some bits for me to make it work.. I could not have had a better gift than those bike bits, I learned to work with my hands in repairing the bike, and still working at 67 I still use those same skills I started to learn then. I am very grateful.
The next year, 1957, we went to Ashford in Derbyshire at Easter, & The Isle of Wight I think in summer. I was very friendly with Ian McKears, and we got up to quite a bit of mischief.
Friday evenings during 1958 we used to push the Trek Cart all the way along the road to Limb Lane in Dore, all loaded up with tents and stuff, for a weekends camping. My father was very upset about this, as he considered that weekends were for catching up with homework. Lookiing back I think we learned a lot more camping. One weekend ‘Tanky’ and Jeff showed us how to make an ‘Alter’ fire – a raised fire to cook on, that we all now know as a Bar-B-Que. I cut my hand badly with a bush saw, and ‘Tanky’ had to get me to a doctors quick. I still have the scar.
When Skip Newsome died I was there planting the Daffodils. As a keen gardener now, I sometimes wonder if they are still there. From the gate by (Roberts) fish shop, towards the church, I helped plant the ones on the left.
There was a rousing chant that we used with some gusto – I wonder if it is still used, it was written out on a long plaque at the end of the scout room- something like
RA RA, RANA PANA, NIKA NAKA, TALA WALA, WISH CHE, CHEETA POO, ………….. the rest escapes me
My father left the area in 1959, by then I was ‘First Class’, We moved to Hull, but the grounding I had at the 20th gave me a great career in the RAF, which I finished flying on Avro Vulcans on 617 Squadron. I now have an engineering manufacturing company in Leeds we are too busy for me to retire – don’t want to anyway.
Great days – I am very grateful.
Mal Anderson
From: John Green
Date: 27 August 2011 21:19
Subject: memorabilia
To: was in the 20th from around 1947-1951 and shall be at the Cutlers Hall reunion on 26th Nov.Having browsed the website i noticed someone asked for the names of the two scouts in one of the was Geoff Kenyon the other Tony(?) Judge.Mention was made of John Milner.he was a National Serviceman in The Green Howards and was killed in Korea in 1951.I have a copy of his obituary .Also have a sheaf of reports  from the Springbok patrol from the mid to late 40,s,and my venturer badge report of the 48 hour trek with Bernard Darwin in 195I.If   anyone is interested i shall bring the above ,and some old photos,to the dinner.On the other hand if there is anyone out there who knows how to scan the material and put it on line shall be glad to post it to them.Other names come to mind Andrew lomax ,Graham Hewitt,Pete King, Tankey Stokes ,Pete Buckley etc etc.
Best wishes to all.John”ear,ole”Green.

January 2011   We are grateful to Pete Darwin, okay – Quilly –  for some great photographs which are now in the Gallery –  featuring camps from the 50’s / 60’s,  Gang Show 1961 and Lads and Dads in the 80’s, plus Friday Scouts Summer camps in the 90’s (we think – and in colour !)

We are also pleased to receive the personal recollections of Neil McNab in the Group form 1947-1959.  We will upload this as soon as we can.

Also in this section we will feature anybody who contacts us. Or if you want to contact somebody – let us know.

This picture was sent by Rob Williamson who was in Scouts during the early sixties – he emigrated to Australia in 1966 where he still lives.

” I’m not sure if this camp was Isle of Wight or Ireland, may even have been Mevagissy ? anyway from right to left as far as I can remember …. “Norman Cook (Cookie) who was my second when I was Patrol Leader, next I know the face but at the moment cannot put a name to it … then of course it’s Howard Whittles, then “Boggy” Marsh (never knew his first name !) then Syd Shepard ? then the one with his head down, his name escapes me as well … then of course Mick Etches. Those were fun days …..”
















This was taken at a Group dinner, but when.  And who are the people ?  And who is in the second picture.  Email us or click on the how to join page for the address.






















July 4th
Subject: Memories !

Hi to all,
My name is Rob (Bob) Williamson and I was a member of the 20th from Cubs through to Seniors and Rovers leaving Sheffield in early 1966 at age 19 to emigrate to Australia where I have been ever since, I remember being in the Gang Show you put on, and if memory serves I was also one of the Penine Way walkers !. I still have my neckerchief and woggle though I think my shirt with badges fell apart many years ago …
As a Scout (Wolf Patrol) I went to summer camp year after year and remember The Isle of Wight, Mevagissy, one year we all went to Ireland, somewhere near Waterford ? (most of went to the castle and kissed the blarney stone !) also somewhere in Wales with a VERY long name ! I will dig through the old photo’s as I am sure I have some of interest ………………. and if I find them I will Email them through …
Very Best Wishes to all
Rob Williamson (Willy)
New South Wales
Jan 13th : Bob Snazell has contacted us. he was in the Group around the late 40’s ?  He remembers Skip Newsome and also Brian Turner.



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