20th July 1911 20th Sheffield Scout Group registered. The group was formed in 1911 with2 leaders, A J Cooper of Whirlow Lane and A Corker of Parkhead with 30 Scouts.  The photo below is Edgar Moore in 1911, one of the first Scouts at Ecclesall.



The Troop neckerchief was then dove grey. Space was allowed in the Sheffield Telegraph for reports on Troops.

Camp equipment was bought by money obtained through fund raising by the scouts. A Drum and Fife band was organised.

At the commencement of The Great War, the scouts were put to guarding the reservoirs and camps were set up at Redmires and Strines.

A Scout Craft exhibition was held at the Corn Exchange and C Wood of Ecclesall won the heavy weight (over 9 stones) boxing against R Cox of Chesterfield.

During 1915, the camps at Redmires and Strines had to be abandoned due to lack of Scouters.

Scouts and Leaders were invited to the Cutler’s Feast.

Swimming was arranged by the Association at Corporation Street baths at a charge of one penny which included the use of a towel.

Scouts continued to provide service to the war effort with the police and the fire service.

In 1915, the meetings were held at the Old Grinding Mill at Whirlow. The Troop inventory showed 2 tents which increased to 3 in 1916, 8 bicycles plus a trek cart. To date, the uniform had been blue, but now any colour could be used as long as it was uniform throughout the Troop.


Sheffield was now divided into Districts, Ecclesall being in the Western District.

A camp was held at Alms Hill.

During 1917, Scouts continued their War duty by acting as hospital orderlies.

The Group now consists of 4 Leaders, 12 Senior Class, 8 tenderfoot, 20 Wolf Cubs, 3 tents, 6 bicycles and a drum and fife band.

1918 Senior Scouts were renamed Rover Scouts. The first Rover Crew called the “Lord Mayor’s Own Troop of Baden Powell Rovers” was formed with a den in the Wicker.

1919. The Group now meets in Ecclesall School Room. The Scout master is now DJ Cooper of Broad Oak, Park Head, assisted A J Shoulder with 30 Scouts.  

The records show that the Vicar of Ecclesall, Rev Canon Houghton is the person “in control” of the Group, (the old term for head of the sponsoring authority), with 30 boys in the Troop

1920 Scouts in uniform given a concession to travel half fare on Sheffield Transport.

1923 Woodsmoke was published. The Troop had 19 boys.

1923 Troop meetings now held in the Church Institute on Ringinglow Road, which the following year were renamed as the memorial rooms, in honour of the fallen. HJ Adhford as SM, 23 Scouts, 3 Rovers.

1927 Mrs. Vickers of Whitley Wood Hall allowed the Association use of the grounds for camping. 30 Scouts.  

The Pack registration document shows that the Cub Master is Harry James Ashford and the ACM is William Henry Kent, both of 40 Carrington Rd, Endcliffe with 18 active cubs. This is also the first record of the Group meeting at the Memorial Hall.

The annual registration document in 1929 shows that the Group Scout Master is now Alver W Savidge of Clifton House, 286 Dobbin Hill.  The Cub master is Miss Vera Tomline of 64 Banner Cross Rd., assisted by Miss E Whitaker of 4 Bents Green View. 34 Scouts and 24 Wolf Cubs

1929 The Scoutmaster changed to Mr W A Baldwin. He led the Troop in many competitions as in 1930, they came 2nd in the Troop Trophy (1930)

1930 Summer Camp in Hazlemere (Thanks to Ken Scott for the info)

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