1951 – A 5 day Patrol visit to the Festival of Britain in London.  The Shackleton patrol camp in Seaton, Dorset

The Rover Crew crew continue to thrive in this period :  Pictured left is the Saturday night table tennis session in the Scout Room. Pictured are Bob Eastwood / Mike Street / Ken Healey / John James / Jim Angle / Mick Ditcher 1951/52

And the 20th’s first Jazz band above  ? Graham Torry (Grummy) – Flute / Bernard Darwin – cornet / Mick Ditcher (Dithers) – cornet / John James (Curley) – Trombone and Guitar / John Green (Earole) – Banjo and boots.












Quilley at camp – date needed.

Big Gap here !!! We need your help !!!!!!













1954 –  Inventory taken showing 3 Icelandic tents, 3 20′ Ridge tents, Bell tent, and fly sheets. Also, 2 pianos, billiard and table tennis tables, Treck Cart and Stoves – total coming to £400 8s  6d.











1955 Troops were allowed to wear the beret instead of the famous Scout hat, as long as it was uniform throughout the Troop.












1958 GSM Newsome passed away and the Troop planted daffodils on either side of the church path in his memory. H Nicholson took over as GSM until 1960 when he left to take up a job in Newcastle.

No mention of has so far been made of the Troop camps. Please – we need you memories and recollections to fill in this important area. Summer camps were held in such places as Cricieth, Gower Peninsular, Isle of Wight, Teignmouth, Mevagissy,… and many more – please get in touch with your memories, things that happened, people and names you recall.







1961 Group Golden Jubilee. Celebrations were held on July 22nd – 23rd with the crowing glory of a Gang Show in October. (Were you in it ? Names, songs, sketches etc please !). The show was in the Parish Hall, produced by an old rover, Gordon Corke and the Group received a congratulatory letter from Ralph Reader.  A stainless steel etched plaque, mounted on wood is made to commemorate the Jubillee.    



















1961 J G Buckley (“Jim” or “Old Jim” as Tankey always calls him!) became Group Scout Leader. 76 cubs, 32 Scouts, 9 Senior scouts and 7 Rovers.

1962 96 cubs, 47 scouts, 6 Scouters, 3 Seniors and 5 Rovers. Scout Leader Jeff Keynon and Cub Scout Leader Pat Southall married with a Guard of Honour provided by the Group at the ceremony.

1963 A new Group was started at St Gabriel’s (290th) with Ecclesall Leader Ian Mckens running it.

The Group now has 72 Cubs, 51 Scouts, 12 Seniors, 5 Rovers and 9 Scouters

1964 Group took part in the distribution of leaflets promoting the Nation Blood Transfusion Service. The Scouts won the District camping competition, the Seniors winning the ‘Bone of Contention’ at table tennis. The Senior flag was dedicated at the Church. Three Senior scouts walked the Peninne way. (anyone know their names ?). The Cubs visited Peter Pan on Ice at Manchester.  The Scout Room is repaired and improved by the Group, costing the Group £50.

1965 70 Cubs, 40 Scouts, 11 Seniors, 6 Rovers and 14 Leaders. Three Queen’s Scouts obtained. Cubs attend the Cub Day at Gilwell.

1966 Rover Leader Syd Shepherd, Scout Leader Jeff Keynon and Cub Leader Pat Keynon moved to Birmingham.

1967 Cubs 73, Scouts 42 Seniors 12 Leaders 11 The Chief Scout visited the Jubilee gathering at Whitely Wood Hall.  New look to all the Uniforms and section names – 2 Senior Scouts become Venture Scouts as Rovers is closed down and older members join Scout Fellowship.

1968 The Group Golden Jubille plaque is restored by John Tilsley in July.

A pack 30  B pack 28 C pack 22  Scouts 24.  One 20th Scout Scout attends the Jubilee Service at Westminster Abbey.  Cub outing to Gilwell Park Cub day.

1969 – A Pack 24, B pack 25 c Pack 24 Scouts 24  Leaders 7.  Scouts won the district cooking competition.  25 ‘indestructible’ chairs purchased !  Swimming Club started at Glossop Road Swimming Baths

1970 – Cub trip to London for the weekend.  A Pack 42 B Pack 15 C pack 18 Scouts 34 Leaders 8.  Final phase of the new look Scouting – new uniforms complete. Group Trip to the air show at Finningley. Cubs entertain the old folk at Parkhead with Christmas Carols.

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