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Everybody knows Jim Buckley – but we need your help and memories to be able to list all our leaders.  What do you remember ?  Any little snippet of information can help.  (And yes, we know your cub leader was called Akela!) The dates below are taken from Group records, but some dates are vague – can you help ?

Were you a Leader ? Please get in touch.

This is your Group history : we need you to write or email us. And any pictures are welcome.

The group was formed in 1911 with2 leaders, A J Cooper of Whirlow Lane and A Corker of Parkhead with 30 Scouts.

1919  Scout Leader  DJ Cooper, assisted by A J Shoulder ?

1929 shows that the Group Scout Master is now Alver W Savidge of Clifton House, 286 Dobbin Hill.  The Cub master is Miss Vera Tomline of 64 Banner Cross Rd., assisted by Miss E Whitaker of 4 Bents Green View.

1929  W A Baldwin

1931  Rev Sam Price becomes Group Scout Master (GSM)

K Sumerstone

Alec Robson

Frank New

1936  Rev D N E Brinbe  GSM

1937  T W Coker receives his Scouter’s Warrant

1937 – Numbers were no growing so fast that two Troops had to be formed, with Leaders W H Warner, Rev C C A Hick, JF Hudson, J V Osbourne, Mrs. P B Wharton, D Moore, M Pell and M Butterfield.

1949  W Newsome (Skip) becomes GSM

1958  H NIcholson becomes GSM

1961 – Jim Buckley  – Group Scout Master and then Group Scout Leader

1961 Ian Mckens

1962 Scout Leader Jeff Keynon marries Cub Leader Pat Southall

Rover Leader Syd Shepperd

Mid 60’s – Wednesday Cub Leader Janet Spilsby.  Monday Cub Leader, Alan Smith.

Early 70’s- Wednesday Cub Leader Brian Webb  Friday Scout Leader Alan Bovil, Then Pete Selby, Assisted by Pete “Quilly” Darwin

Mid 70’s Monday A pack Cubs Ken Watson (1975) and Derek Jones, Beryl Smith

Brian ‘cap’ Read one of the Scout Leaders dates ?

Tuesday Cubs  John Whiteway and Vernon Haw  plus Heather Daniels and Melany Haw

Wednesday Cubs – Phil Morely, Dave Dickenson, then Melany Haw

Thursday Scouts – Vernon Haw, John Whiteway

1978 – Reg Lilley starts helping with Cubs (Monday).


Monday Cubs Trevor Beck

Wednesday Cubs Cub Leader – John Smith, then Andrew Watson

Tuesday B pack  – Reg Lilley, followed by Peter Gandy

Thursday Scouts – Melany Holmes (nee Haw),  Andrew Watson, Emma Manning

1986 –  Nadine  Lilley  &  Judy McMurray  launch Beaver Section.

1989 – Malcolm Tummon and Bob Foster assist Peter Gandy at Tuesday Cubs.


Reg Lilley becomes Group Scout Leader

1990  Jeremy Holmes launches EMU – Ecclesall’s first Venture Scouts ( Cutler’s were a district unit)

Friday Scouts  Pete Selby, Quilley (Pete Darwin)  Martin Wade

Thursday Scouts, new assistant leaders Simon Millard, Richard Spragg

Vernon Haw becomes Group Scout Leader and retires at end of 1999. His daughter Melany takes over as Acting GSL.

David Reed becomes B pack Cub leader, renamed as Merlin pack.  Assisted by Tim Watts

Stuart Gibbons Squirrel pack

Beaver Leaders Paul and Rhona Huntington

2000 – .  A pack ( now Squirrel pack) run by Paul and Rhona Huntington and Deborah.   Assisted by Liz Cowan and Ian Lee, (who ran the section while new leaders were found)  Beavers now run by Sian Stockham and Lucy Benham

2001 – David Reed retires and Tim Watts becomes Merlin pack Akela, Assisted by Melany Holmes, who leaves the Scout section.  Thursday Scouts now with Andrew Watson, Nick Bryan and Graham Brown.

2002 – Paul and Rhona Huntington and Deborah step down as cub leaders. Nick Bryan becomes GSL

2002 – Tony Richardson and Betty Plews take over Monday cubs / Squirrel pack.  ACSL Adam Soanes

2003 – Graham Brown launches Wednesday Scouts, with the help of David Mason.

Sian Stockhan becomes the first leader of the new Explorer section EXU.

Beavers, now assisted by assisted by Jonathan Thornton and Alex Smith.

2004  Beaver Leaders James Marsden and Tom Lindop

2005 – David Adams receives ASL Warrant for Wednesday Scouts, helped by James Hogg.

date ?? Diane Watts becomes Beaver Leader

2009 – Wednesday Scouts Nick Bryan & Sian Stockham

2010 – Wednesday Scouts David Cattel

2011 – Tim Watts and Sam Watts take over Tuesday Cubs,  Melany Holmes moves to Wednesday Scouts.

2014 – Sian Stockham steps down as Explorer Leader – Graham Brown takes over with Tony Richardson. Thursday Scouts assisted by Jonathan ‘JT’ Thornton, Sam Lindop and James ‘Gremmers’ Newsome

2016 – Diane Watts launches Wednesday Beavers. Phill Tate becomes Thursday Beaver Leader.

2017 – Allison Amos takes over Wednesday Beavers from Diane Watts. Diane Watts retires as a leader from the group.

2018 – Phill Tate launches Simba  (Thursday) Cubs. Adam Shearn and Kirsty Gillrass become Thursday Beaver Leaders. Silver Acorn awarded to Tony Richardson (GSL) for at least 20 years of service to Scouting.

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