Thursday Scouts Programme

09/04/2020First online meetingOur first chance to meet online since this all started. Neckers on please! We will be having flag, no bull dogs (sorry) but chatting and doing an activity together. You will need a newspaper: DO NOT go out to get one on a special trip: get parents to pick up when they are out on a regular shop. You will also need scissors and sticky tape. 8 sheets of newspaper. We will be using Zoom.
16/04/2020E Meet 7pm : open from 6.50Meet at your home online! another chance to play Go Grab A... Quiz / Competitions awards, activities and more!
23/04/2020St Georges Day! Early start so you can all watch the BBC Big night in programme. Check out participate at home for all the details.
30/04/2020Paper Games and ChallengesThe usual mix plus our first online investitures! Door open 6:50pm
07/05/2020Scribble!From last week's meeting : A4 Paper Challenge: Make a paper plane : 2 categories: 1) best loop the loop 2) longest distance outside. Video and upload by Thursday lunchtime. Extra points for an appropriate sound track on the video.
14/05/2020Virtual treasure huntLearn to juggle 3 items for 20 seconds - watch to see how. Get going with this now! Upload your video!
21/05/2020Can you hear me?Join us for another online e meeting with fun and games with your friends.
28/05/2020Full House!More fun and Games online with your friends!
04/06/2020Holograms!The usual fun, plus making something cool...
11/06/2020DingbatsDoors open at 6.50 for prompt start at 7pm - don't leave it till the last minute to join the meeting! Remember you Necker! And remember : You zoom account name needs to the name of the Scout. If we don't know your name we can't let you in.
13/06/2020Virtual Group CampJoin in with the whole Scout Groupas we hold a virtual activity camp. For the programme of activities along with the mechanics details, click participate at home. Upload your pics and vidoe here and or on our facebook page. Make sure you upload a pic to this page of you camping out so we can update your camping nights record. Parents and other family members welcome to take part. Then get ready to camp out for the night. Fun times ahead!
18/06/2020Let's get activeStarting inside as usual but if you can go mobile we want to get outside to do some activities.
25/06/2020Avengers Escape RoomOnline meetings continue
02/07/2020The Great Scout Bake OffNote the later start time: Can you guess why?
09/07/2020Scout Fortunes
11/07/2020The Great Indoors Weekender#TGIWeekender 11-12 July A weekend of activities from Scout HQ with some surprise celebrity guests! Family led, drop in and do what ever you like. Our Leaders are also taking part so they are not leading any of the sessions! Go to to see the programme for Saturday and Sunday. Remember the whole family can take part under parental supervision where appropriate! Sign up in advance here - it's free!!/#!/
16/07/2020Space Night
23/07/2020It only takes a minuteFun challenge time. You will need 1. Tea Bag & Mug 2. 2x Pencils 3. Couple sheets of plain A4 Paper 4. 2x Squares of Toilet Paper 5. Pair of scissors & ruler 6. Pen
20/08/2020Summer catch upPost your summer photo’s to this meeting. If you’ve been somewhere on holiday post a pic of yourself wherever you are. See if we can guess where you are. Or post a pic of you doing some fun activity you enjoy this summer. And if you can’t get away on holiday, get creative and photo shop a pic of you somewhere you would like to go. Or go wild with a green screen video!



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