Wednesday Beavers Programme

08/01/2020Games NightMeet at Scout room.
15/01/2020Health & FitnessMeet at Scout room. Tonight we are making helathy smoothies and doing a workout!
22/01/2020Make a Model/Chinese New YearMeet at Scout room. We will be having a lodge competition to build the tallest tower with wine gums and toothpicks, and celebrating Chinese New Year - making a salt dough rat!
29/01/2020Home SkillsMeet at Scout room. Tonight we are practisiging: Lighting a candle, Peeling an apple (longest skin piece wins a prize), Speed shoelace tiying and Rolling our neckers.
05/02/2020Morris DancingMeet at Scout room. Tonight we will learn a new dance skill, as part of the Skills Badge.
12/02/2020Eco-Park DesignMeet at Scout room. We are having visitors - Engineering students from the University of Sheffield, to talk to the Beavers about their ideas for a Low Carbon ThemePark.
19/02/2020No Meeting (Half Term)
26/02/2020Pancake NightMeet at Scout room. Bring toppings, knife, fork, and a plate.
04/03/2020Invention & ConstructionMeet at Scout room. Tonight is a building/construction challenge to make the tallest tower and widest bridge rom the building materials you're given..
11/03/2020Materials ExperimentsMeet at Scout room. Tonight you will be taking part in some experients with different metals with engineering studernts from the University of Sheffield.



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