Wednesday Beavers Programme

01/04/2020Online week 2 - Braille ChallengeWe looked at everyones catapults and set the Lumpy Bumpy Name game challenge.
08/04/2020Online week 3 - Leafy Hedgehogs & DampersWe looked at everyones Braille and set the Leafy Hedgehog and Dampers at this weeks activities.
15/04/2020Online week 4 - Necker Flick and Music MakersTonight we will look at everyones hedgehogs. The challenge for next week is the Necker Flick and Music Makers.
22/04/2020Online week 5 - Semaphore CodeTonight we will Show and Tell everyone's home made musical instruments and see who managed the necker flick. We wiould like you to join in with Bear Grylls Hike to The Moon during which you can renew your promise with Bear Grylls. This weeks activity is Semaphore code.
29/04/2020Online week 6 - Garden Obstacle CourseTonight we will be doing a scavenger hunt during the meeting, Get ready to run! This weeks challenge is to make garden obstacle course, to draw it and then to make it and try it.
06/05/2020Online week 7 - VE Day BuntingTonight we will be looking at your garden obstacle course and your plans for them. We will be talking about the VE Day 75th anniversary celebration this Friday. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 101 981 150 Password: Beavers
13/05/2020Online week 8 - Virtual campingBeavers will need to think about 10 things to take on a camp. We will do a camping quiz so please have a pencil and paper ready to write your answers. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 101 981 150 Password: Beavers
20/05/2020Online week 9 - Track my Walk and Cairn CollectingTonight Beavers will show and tell their collections, and we will play animal charades. There are 2 activity challenges for the half term break to earn your Explore badge by planning for, walking to and talking about your walk (see programmes at home tab). Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 101 981 150 Password: Beavers
27/05/2020Half term - no meeting
03/06/2020Online week 10 - Knotty ChallengeThis week's activity is to learn some knots, using the instruction sheet in the Badges at Home tab. Good luck!
10/06/2020Online week 11 - Country Code Quiz/Camp BlanketsNew Zoom link!! Meeting ID: 916 3756 5226 Password: Beavers We will be taking about saturdays virtual camp, and the activity for the week - making a camp blanket.
13/06/2020Virtual Group CampThe 20th camp has activites from 12:30 to 8pm. See the downloads in Programmes at Home. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 486 779 8908 Password: 986061
17/06/2020Online week 12 - Company and Kindness / Dice gameQuiz and talk about company and kindness
24/06/2020Online week 13 -Battleships /Clean MachineWe will play Battleships tonight, pelase print 1 copy of the sheet sent on the Whatsapp thread on 16th June. and kids to have a black, red and grey felt tip to hand.
01/07/2020Online week 14 - Armpit fudge/Wild WorldTonight we will be making some fudge. Please can you have these ingredients ready: Sealable zipper bag Teaspoon & Tablespoon 50g icing sugar 1 tablespoon butter 2 teaspoons cream cheese A dash of vanilla essence 2 teaspoons cocoa Extra flavours like peanut butter, nuts or some M&Ms can be added to suit your taste.
08/07/2020Online week 15 - Henna Hands / Djembe DrumsTonight we will be making Henna hands
15/07/2020Online week 16 - Origami / Badge awardsNew Zoom link for tonight Meeting ID: 986 0474 1273 Password: beavers Pick up a pack of origami paper from my front door at 39 Bents Drive, S11 9RN for tonight. We will make an origami shark - please print the shark origami template is the resources tab. With the paper you can make other animals. *Secret for parents - the Great Indoors Badge is hidden inside* please give them their Great Indoors badge at the end of the session 🙂



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