Wednesday Scouts Programme

01/04/2020E Meeting - Newspaper
08/04/2020E-Meeting - Quiz
15/04/2020E-Meeting - Wednesday Has Talent
29/04/2020E-meeting Bingo
30/04/2020E-meeting Google Maps 22.4.20
09/05/2020Hike to the Moon 23.4.20
13/05/2020E-meeting - Maps 13.5.20
16/05/2020E-meeting Army Air Museum 6.5.20
20/05/2020E-meeting - Newspaper Scavenger Hunt 20.5.20You will need a newspaper/magazine, pencil & paper
21/05/2020Fridge Videos
27/05/2020E-meeting - Kim's game 27.5.20
03/06/2020E Meeting - Mug Cakes 3.6.20
06/06/2020Teabag videos
10/06/2020E Meeting - Scouting Quiz
13/06/2020Virtual Group Camp
17/06/2020E Meeting - Lego Challenge
24/06/2020E Meeting - Dingbats
01/07/2020E Meeting - Recycled Models
08/07/2020E Meeting - Photography Challenge
15/07/2020E Meeting - Challenge Awards Quiz
22/07/2020E Meeting - Monopoly
29/07/2020E Meeting - Cookies!
05/08/2020E Meeting - Chocolate Challenge
12/08/2020E Meeting
19/08/2020E meeting
26/08/2020E Meeting - Natural Art
26/08/2020E meeting


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